Prema Kesselman

Humanitarian and Community Impact

"I am motivated to perform because music has the capability to promote peace and unity, and express the depths of emotion dear to my heart. It has the power to unify all people regardless of their language, race, or religion. Values such as truth, peace, love, honesty, non-violence, and integrity are innate in all of us, but they have been masked by negativity, envy, greed, a desire to succeed, and the need to impress. Instead of promoting compassion, education is making people stonehearted. True education is that which touches the heart and releases a torrent of selfless love. I resolve to bring light to the world with my music, by continuing to teach, doing community outreach concerts, and performing as a soloist and recitalist. I want to live in the current moment, the now, and spread joy to others. This moment is all we really have."  Prema Kesselman

Ms. Kesselman has been privileged to perform music for special children centers, nursing homes, senior centers and interfaith programs.

While living in California, she was active in the community outreach program, Musical Encounters, which introduced the performing arts to inner-city public elementary school students through concerts. She performed flute and piano for the school children at special assembles that were held during school hours. It was a joy for her to share the music with the underprivileged children and introduce them to the technical aspects of how the flute and piano produce music. She also developed & performed chamber music concerts for the residents at the Thousand Oaks Health Care Center, California.

In New Jersey, she participated in the Haddonfield Symphony: The Classroom Symphony Program by presenting workshops with chamber ensembles for grades K-3. She also was a flute instructor at the Campbell’s "Souper" Symphony Summer Camp at Rutgers University. Furthermore, she volunteered by singing with an interfaith choir for the residents at the Medford Care Center.

Ms. Kesselman recently performed in South India at the Sai Kulwant Hall in Prasanthi Nilayam. Prasanthi Nilayam is the ashram (spiritual headquarters) of the revered world spiritual teacher, Sathya Sai Baba. She performed in a free concert for around 10,000 people from all over the world who came together in a spirit of unity and love.


Prema Kesselman